Thoughts on the Nintendo DSi

So if you didn’t already know, yesterday afternoon in Japan, Nintendo announced the next revision of the Nintendo DS, dubbed the Nintendo DSi. The system eschews the GBA Port for a 2 3 megapixel cameras, a SD slot, sound modification software and more web functionality. However, like most Nintendo announcements, it leaves open a gate full of questions with no answers.

Another feature includes the ability to download and store DS games. What wasn’t made specific though is if this means it stores the DS game into the SD card’s memory or uses the DSi’s on board memory. The problem with this is with the estimated price, which is around $179 USD, after tacking on a sizable amount of memory via an SD card, you are already spending more than you could for a cell phone with more features. The one advantage the DSi will have is you won’t have a monthly bill attached to it.

I do like that Nintendo is focusing on the SD card though, because it will be able to be used on both the Wii and the DSi. I can see where taking a picture with your DSi and then displaying it on your Wii in the living room would be nice for Nintendo from a functionality standpoint.

Music storage at this point is assumed to be tied to the SD card as well. With that in mind though, it is really reasonable to think that Nintendo can compete on a mp3 point with their main competition so heavily invested in mp3 playback already? The PSP has been able to play mp3’s from the outset of the devices creation, and while not really a gaming device, the Zune has the Marketplace cornered from a Sony VS Microsoft VS Nintendo stand point.

This announcement has made me see how a gadget like a iPhone would be a worthy investment. Why should I have a DSi, a Zune, and a cell phone when I could have all three in one?


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